“Amateurs train until they get it right. Professionals train until they can’t get it wrong.”

Tactical Firearms Training
Civilian – Law Enforcement – Military

As the chance of violent encounters have increased on our streets and in our homes, it is imperative that we train and prepare for unwilling involvement in such encounters.

At Mat-Su Tactical we can provide a range of options from Fundamentals, to Advanced Operational and Logistical training, including Low-Light, Multi-Gun, Reaction and Stress drills.  Our instructors are among the best in the world, providing real-world experience and innovative instruction.

We are proud to offer training courses focused on enhancing your decision-making, shooting and physical skills required to increase survivability and mitigate violent situations.

Our commitment to civilians is to offer the best tools to help increase your confidence and improve their ability to defend themselves, their homes and their community through innovative and comprehensive training.



NCIS Exempt Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit
Date & Time: January 6, 2018   9:00am
Location: 4466 S. Glenn Hwy, Palmer (Fox Run RV Park)
Cost: $150 (not incl. $87 State fee & fingerprints)
*Registration Required





For Military and Law Enforcement Training please contact us directly at

Firearms training wasilla alaskaFirearms training Wasilla Alaska


“Awareness is good, but without skills and ability tied to that awareness, all you have is anxiety.” – Tony Blauer


MAT-SU TACTICAL can also provide customized courses to meet the specific requirements of your unit, department or company.

*All courses are subject to change or cancellation based on enrollment, scheduling, weather, etc.

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